CineSource Magazine interviews Celik Kayalar, FABA's founder & director.

GREAT SUCCESS STORY: Long time FABA Acting Student Jazlyn Yoder was cast in one of the lead-roles in Tribe of the Wild (a new TV show from the creator of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", the hit TV-Series). link to Tribe of the Wild:

FABA alumni Jessiqa Pace is the lead-actor in a new "Infinity" commercial on national TV. She was the lead-actor in FABA's multiple award-winning short-film 99% (2013).

FABA short-film 99% directed by Celik Kayalar is now an "Official Honoree" at the 2013 Webby Awards (Equivalent of Oscars for the Internet). It already played at 3 Festivals and won the Best Narrative Award at IFQ. The film's cast includes sixteen FABA Acting Students in speaking-roles and thirty-five in non-speaking ones. It can be watched for free at:

FABA acting students Brook Penca and Amena Edres recently signed with Look talent agency and Marline Ross with Stars. In the last three years alone, 14 of our other acting students have signed with prestigious Talent-Agencies in San Francisco: Serena Lee, Nika Ericson, Ashanna Andrews, Mia Perez, Ria Pullin, Rick Lasquete, Greg Cala, Erica Luttenegger, Alex Hero, Ian Campbell-Jones with Stars; Rachel Cheng with Look; Steve Nichols and Maaika Westen with JE Talent; Chidozie Nwokocha with Boom.

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10/2012: Rob Nilsson at Mill Valley Film Festival

FABA faculty Rob Nilsson received the "Life-Time Achievement Award" in Filmmaking at the "Syracuse International Film Festival" in Oct 2012. Nilsson's feature-film Maelstrom, starring FABA alumni Deniz Demirer and Daniel da Silva, screened at the last "Mill Valley Film Festival". The short-film, The Will, Nilsson developed with his students and directed at his "Expressivity for the Actor" workshop at FABA got accepted to the "International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles". It features 7 of our acting-students. Nilsson will teach his popular workshop again in Winter 2013.

08/2012: Don R. Williams & Jessiqa Pace

Don R. Williams is now a regular cast member in the web series, Caribe Road which has been nominated for "Best Web Series - Drama" at the 2012 Imagen Awards. Jessiqa Pace wins the breakthrough performance award at the NY Vision Film Festival for her role in the feature-length film "Falling Uphill". The short-film "Skipper" she directed at FABA is at Videos.

10/08/2011: Rob Nilsson at Mill Valley Film Festival

FABA faculty Rob Nilsson's "What Happened Here" played at Mill Valley Film Festival on October 8, 2011.

08/22/2011: Stephen Olsson in CineSource Magazine

FABA alumni, award-winning filmmaker Stephen Olsson in the latest issue of CineSource Magazine.

07/01/2011: Rob Nilsson at 33rd Moscow International Film Festival

Distinguished FABA faculty and filmmaker Rob Nilsson was honored at the Moscow Film Festival with a retrospective on his distinguished filmmaking career covering over thirty feature-films to date.

06/30/2011: FABA faculty in CineSource Magazine

CineSource Magazine covers our school & faculty in its Summer issue.

05/29/2011: Brian D. Scott wins The Best Actors (in a) Film Festival

Our Associate Director Brian D. Scott wins at The Best Actors (in a) Film Festival for his lead-role in Nominated.

11/04/2010: Bay Area's top Talent & Casting Agents visit our Industry Showcase Class

As part of our Industry Showcase class, top Talent & Casting Agents in the Bay Area met with and watched the performance of our Students. Read more about Industry Showcase class.

08/13/2010: CineSource Magazine interviews our Program Director Celik Kayalar

"Kayalar started making films as a kid in Turkey, continued while working as biochemist, and finished his accomplished first feature last year." Continue reading at CineSource Magazine site.

04/25/2010: "Moonlight Sonata" won the "Outstanding Cinematography" award

"Moonlight Sonata" won the "Outstanding Cinematography" award at Sacramento Int Film Festival. This is in addition to 3 prestigious awards at 13 Festivals since March 09. The Sacramento International Film Festival (SFF) is an unincorporated not-for-profit arts organization with year round activities, culminating in an annual film celebration in March/April of 2010. Find out more about Sacramento Int Film Festival.